Floyd Miller Investments


Our Experience

I have been a licensed investment and insurance professional since 1983.  That over 7300 days of studying the markets and working with some 600 + clients.

Over this time period I have served clients in both bear, and bull markets.  I have learned that most people subscribe to the thoughts of Will Rogers when it comes to investing; “I’m more concerned about the return of my money then the returns on my money.”

I do worksheets on each client so that I can determine how much they want to save in products with guarantees, and how much they want in products that fluctuate.  Most people need some in each category.  I use my skills to help clients determine what the mix should be.

I subscribe to several publications, attend conferences to stay abreast of things happening, and attend continuing education seminars.  I then share this information with my clients through my website, newsletters, investment workshops and one-on-one meetings.

I currently hold a state insurance license, and the following investment license: series 7, 63,& 24.